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Latex powder series RX-5013
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Latex Powder Series RX-5013

One, RX-5013 is a re-dispersible vinyl acetate / ethylene polymer powder. 
Second, the physical and chemical features 

  Non-volatile matter(%)≥


  The bulk density(g/L)


  The average particle size(цm)


  PH Value
  50% Degree solution(pa.s)
  Minimum film forming temperature(℃)

Third, the application (recommended) 

RX & mdash; 5013 good flexibility and increased water retention, improved adhesion of the premix, the bending strength and workability. For tile adhesives, plasters, exterior insulation and finish systems. 
Fourth, packaging 
Net weight 25 kg paper bag; other packaging according to customer requirements. 
Seven, storage 
Store in a cool, dry environment below 30 ℃ to prevent moisture, avoid high temperatures under pressure.
Six, shelf life 
240 days. If more than the shelf life of the product can still be used without caking. 


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